In TROSSET RENOVA we have always been in love with design, with interior and exte-rior decoration. For that we have developed a new idea, IN&OUT. With the concept IN&OUT we reinvent your home looking for the harmony between in- and outside.

Houses of all types… to live them, to let them, or to sell them.

Have you bought a new house? TROSSET RENOVA can furnish and decorate it with the most adequate furniture and decoration for the style of the house and your preferences.

Your house is to be renovated? TROSSET RENOVA puts at your disposal the professional and decorative means so that your home looks better than ever.

Do you have a building plot? TROSSET RENOVA can help you from the beginning to build and decorate the house of your dreams.

We count with the ideal providers and professionals to cover all the necessities for inside and outside your home. TROSSET RENOVA takes care of the coordination of everything, from curtains to lamps up to kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, and of course the outsides: terraces, pergolas, artificial grass, etc. You do not need to worry about anything, we do it for you.

We count with an ample variety of furniture and decoration products with an excellent price-quality relation.

A house, a property is to live it, to enjoy it and TROSSET RENOVA has all the necessary means to create this exclusive environment, caring for the details. Because we know that the details make the difference, and that is one of our strongest point.

Would you like to let or sell your house?

When someone wants to rent or buy your house, the decision is taken within the first minutes. TROSSET RENOVA can help you with this impact that makes your house more seductive and exclusive. That it makes a difference. This important decision is made subconsciously and TROSSET RENOVA can help you for this decision to be positive.

Since years we have been working with architects, builders, plumbers, electricians, etc. If you are thinking of building, we can help you from the first moment on. Tell us your idea and we will help you to realize it.

You have a property and you are thinking of building or extending?


Moreover, we count with a new revolutionary building material: COMPOPLACK
, an innovative system that is characterized by its fast and clean installation and the habita-bility that it offers. You can come to our store and see it. Its appearance is similar to any house, but its installation time is only a couple of days. Your house in less than 3 months is possible.

Ask us.

Inform yourself, come to our store and we will demonstrate what TROSSET RENOVA can offer you.

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