The new gardens that we design part from a base: we create exclusive environments, adapted to the home and where the harmony between interior and exterior is essential.

Every garden is different. As well as each one of our clients. We design the new or the to be renovated gardens searching for the harmony between the inside and the outside, adapting to the necessities of the client.

For the design of the gardens we rely on the most advanced garden software, with this we can offer complete plans and perspectives of the garden of how it would look after its construction.

We design with living elements (plants, bushes and trees), garden materials (gravels, pergolas, pots, etc.) and with other decorative elements (outdoor furniture, fountains, statues, bamboo, wood…). We make use of new technologies in irrigation and illumination. The idea is that it is practical in its use, unique and exclusive for every client.


Our garden

Our garden centre has many plants, flowers, herbs, bushes, small trees, hundred years old olive trees, carob trees and others, resistant plants to our climate, plants that we select for their quality. We have fertilizers, [...]