Project Description

The world of gardening is very extensive with a great amount of small and big jobs to do.

TROSSET, apart from the designing and realizations of new gardens and the garden maintenance, as well we accomplish other works like:

  • Installation and creation of fountains and cascades.

Water is life and a garden gives us thousand of possibilities. We build water features applicable to every project, with the ideal technical and most modern means to maintain your fountain in perfect conditions. As well we are distributors of the RICOROCK cascades with cascades in kit to install these rapidly on the side of your swimming pool.

  • Installation of artificial grass.

In the last years the quality of synthetic grass has made a gigantic jump in terms of quality and its similarity to natural grass. We only use the best brands and with professional fitters. A secure guarantee.

  • Installation of illumination systems.

A garden has a complete different aspect at night. Imagine… your garden illuminated by LED spots, enjoying a dinner with family or friends. Ask us, we are specialists.

  • Transplanting of big size trees.

The transplanting of adult trees, some hundreds years of age, need a high grade of specialization. The manipulation, the transport and the planting of these trees are delicate operations and are realized by TROSSET under an exhaustive control to guarantee the survival of the tree.

  • Installation of irrigation systems.

Nowadays, the creation of new gardens is accompanied by the installation of adequate irrigation systems. Therefore, TROSSET has a department that is involved with the design and the implementation of the irrigation systems in new gardens, as well as with the installation of these systems in already established gardens.

  • Corrective pruning and maintenance of trees. Shaving of palm trees.

Pruning is a basic and necessary labour of the majority of bushes and trees. We count with the technical and human means to realize pruning jobs in altitude, pruning and shaving of palm trees, corrective pruning, etc.

  • Tratamientos fitosanitarios complejos.

La prevención y la curación de distintas plagas del jardín es una de las tareas básicas a realizar en cualquier mantenimiento.

La clave de la sanidad vegetal consiste en una vigilancia constante de los jardines.

Al aparecer una plaga, el primer paso a seguir es la identificación del insecto u hongo que afecta a la materia vegetal. Rápidamente se deberán tomar las medidas apropiadas: poda, aplicación de productos fitosanitarios, etc.

  • Insect and fungus treatments.

The prevention and curing of the different plagues of the garden is one of the basic jobs to do in any maintenance. The key to vegetal health consists in a constant vigilance. When a plague comes, the first step to take is the identification of the insect or fungus that affects the vegetal material. Rapidly the appropriate measurements should be taken: pruning, application of insecticides, etc.

  • Advice and realization of concrete projects to be developed by our clients.